Swim Video Analysis - watch, learn, improve

Swim video analysis is a great tool for triathletes who want to learn more about how they swim and to improve their front crawl technique. 


Fast, efficient and enjoyable swimming relies on good technique, ensuring that you reduce the amount of drag your body creates and optimise the propulsive movements which drive you forwards in the water. 

Our Swim Video Analysis session costs £75 - this includes a 60 minute pool session with the coach, followed up with a copy of your video and a summary of the key points. 

We run our video analysis sessions in an endless pool at the excellent facilities provided by Aquathlete in Spondon.  We provide regular appointments on a Sunday and you can book online.  We may be able to accommodate different days if the pool is available - please contact us.  

Aquathlete and their sister charity Splashing Stars support children and adults with additional needs to develop swimming skills and to enjoy the water in an environment which is completely suited to them.  We are delighted that they allow us to use their pool and we are proud to support their work.

The nature of swimming – e.g. being horizontal and being supported in the water – makes it hard for an athlete to get visual and physical feedback about what their body is doing.  It is also true that for many triathletes, the swim is their least favourite discipline – they may feel they are fighting for breath and set out to simply survive and get the swim over with.  


Understanding better what is happening when you are swimming and knowing how you can change it, can help you to improve your performance, comfort and confidence in the water. 

Video analysis helps a triathlete to understand more about their stroke, strengths they can build on and priorities for improvement.  There are rarely “quick fixes” to improving technique – whilst you can make immediate changes, it takes time to retrain your mind and body to sustain them.  You need to embed new movement patterns and develop the muscular endurance required.   However with a clear understanding of what needs to change and how, the triathlete can work on these elements over time, building them into their own personal training plans.

How the session works:

  • We ask you to provide some basic information before you arrive, so that we can prepare for your session


  • You have the opportunity to get used to swimming in the endless pool – it does feel a little different to regular swimming - and we adjust the current to suit your pace


  • We video you swimming from multiple angles and then talk through the key elements of your stroke as you watch yourself swim


  • We will prioritise aspects of your technique to work on, looking at repositioning or drills to help you make changes.


  • After, we provide you with access to your video, a summary of the key areas to focus on and suggestions of how you can incorporate them into your training


  • There is the opportunity to have follow up sessions so you can review how your stroke has improved



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