Keep moving - Sports Therapy and Massage

We offer Sports Therapy and Massage from our clinic in Brinsley.   Appointments are offered with a trained and insured student therapist who is building their portfolio of case studies.  We have processes and policies in place to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.   

Sports massage is used to help treat and prevent musculoskeletal issues.  It is helpful for preparation for and recovery from events and to keep the body in good condition during periods of training.  


It is also an effective treatment for anyone who is suffering from aches and pains created by everyday activities and lifestyle such as tight shoulders resulting from long periods of typing, driving and stress. 


Please be aware that sports massage may not appropriate if you have certain medical conditions - please get in contact before hand if you would like to check before making an appointment.  

A sports massage treatment will be adapted to your specific needs however the general benefits of sports massage include:


  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow - helping to bring more oxygen to muscles and facilitate the removal of waste products 

  • Breakdown of adhesions and excess scar tissue - enabling muscle fibres to glide smoothly and removing restrictions in other soft tissue

  • Relief from discomfort or pain - reduced sensations of "tightness" and enhanced freedom of movement

  • Impact on the nervous system - promote relaxation or alertness as appropriate

Sports massage can involve firm pressure in order to get deeper into the soft tissues and have an effective impact.  This can be uncomfortable - though most people find it is a curious balance of discomfort and relief at the same time   We all have different thresholds and preferences - good communication between you and your massage therapist is important so that they can adapt and make sure that your experience is positive.

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