Support for the self coached triathlete

This solution is for the triathlete who wants to develop and manage their own training plan but also benefit from the ongoing support of a coach. 


It is good option for more experienced athletes who are fairly confident in managing their plans but who would like some objective guidance and support.   It is also helpful for those who have a plan but struggle with motivation and like to have someone hold them accountable for their training.

We offer two options for our Self Coached service:

The Set Up

Choosing to invest in the "Set Up" option at the start of the process will give you personalised framework for your detailed planning.  


The Set Up includes an In Depth Review of your goals, performance and lifestyle and the creation of your unique Long Range Plan including focus areas, priorities and training blocks

£75 one off fee

The Reviews

In depth monthly reviews and weekly check ins to discuss progress, help you adapt future plans and provide support on any areas of concern per month.

If you are not purchasing the "Set Up" option, the first monthly review will be at the start of the process so you can share your priorities, principles and outline plan

£30 per month

Investing in Self Coached Support will give you the following benefits:​

  • You have the freedom to develop your own sessions but with access to objective advice and support to help keep you focused and balanced

  • You are more likely to stay on track with regular feedback, reviews and encouragement

  • You have complete flexibility to shape and develop your plan to suit you and your circumstances

  • You have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills with regard to managing training plans

We are really happy to chat with you about your needs and what we can do.  Below is a summary of what you can expect:

​The Set Up:

  • In Depth Review - we kick off with a detailed analysis to understand all about you and your aspirations.  We will discuss a range of aspects including your goals, current training, past performance and your lifestyle.  This will provide the insights needed to produce your personal long range plan. 


  • Long Range Plan - Based on the initial assessment, we produce an overview plan which provides the structure for any detailed sessions.  This includes a Report with a review of your goals, an assessment of your strengths and your potential limiters, prioritised focus areas and the overview of how we will construct your training plan.  The Long Range Plan will be broken into a number of Training Blocks, each with a clear focus and taking into account any personal events such as holidays.   Finally there is a weekly schedule which shows how different types of sessions would be planned across the days to suit your needs.  There is then a further opportunity to discuss this and agree any revisions.

The Self Coached Review:

  • Initial Monthly Review - if you are not purchasing "The Set Up", your first monthly review will be your opportunity to share with us your priorities, principles and framework for your overarching training plan.  We will review this with you and share any opportunities or challenges we see.

  • Ongoing Monthly Reviews - we will review your progress with you at the end of each month, taking into account your feedback, your performance and any new factors that need to be incorporated to your plan.   We will help you to determine the priorities for your upcoming training and consider any challenges or opportunities to address. 

  • Weekly Check In - at the end of each week, we will check in online on your progress and ask any questions ​

  • Moving Forwards - at the end of the coaching engagement, we will review your progress, celebrate your successes, consider what you have learned and help you think how you can take that forward for your next challenge.

What do you need to access Self Coached support?   

  • We need to be able to see your planned sessions and actual training data in an easily accessible format e.g. via an online coaching tool.  ​​

  • If you want to hold review meetings in person, you need to be able to travel to the Notts/Derby area.  If you want to work remotely, you will need access to FaceTime or Skype

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