Personal coaching - plans and support designed just for you

Personal coaching is designed for triathletes who want a programme uniquely created and tailored for them, their goals and their lifestyle. 


It works for beginners and experience athletes as it focuses on your specific needs - as an individual athlete and for your chosen events. 


It offers a high level of tailoring and support, so the plan can be adapted along the way and enabling you to gain as much as possible from the coaching experience.

Personal coaching is an investment but the value from a great coaching relationship goes beyond training plans.  

Our personal coaching service has two key elements:

The Set Up

We kick off the process with an in depth review so that we really get to understand you before creating your personal long range plan which will form the framework for your coaching




£75 one off fee

The Blocks

For each training block, we will set the priorities and create your detailed training sessions. 


Each block concludes with a detailed review before setting up the next block.  During each block there is the opportunity for feedback and support.

£50 per month

The Set Up needs to be purchased as a pre-cursor to the Blocks, however you can purchase the Set Up as a standalone if you simply need a personalised framework to do your own planning.  If you choose to do this, you might want to consider our Self Coached Support package.

There are many benefits from investing in personal coaching:

  • With three disciplines, triathlon is a demanding sport - with a coach to do your planning and review, you can focus your time and energy on doing the training

  • Your coach will ensure that every session has purpose - you can have confidence that you are doing the optimal training to help you achieve your goals

  • Your coach will support you to find the right balance of work and recovery - helping you to avoid burnout or being underprepared for the demands of your event

  • Your coach will help you to create a plan which fits with your wider life and help you to adapt it when life changes or when roadbumps appear

  • You are more likely to stay on track with regular feedback and encouragement - your coach will be a constant provider of support and challenge throughout your training

  • You have access to help, resources and support throughout your triathlon journey - your coach will share their research, experiences and knowledge ​

We are really happy to chat with you about your needs and what we can do.  Below is a summary of what you can expect:

​The Set Up:

  • In Depth Review - we kick off with a detailed analysis to understand all about you and your aspirations.  We will discuss a range of aspects including your goals, current training, past performance and your lifestyle.  This will provide the insights needed to produce your personal long range plan. 


  • Long Range Plan - Based on the initial assessment, we produce an overview plan which provides the structure for any detailed sessions.  This includes a Report with a review of your goals, an assessment of your strengths and your potential limiters, prioritised focus areas and the overview of how we will construct your training plan.  The Long Range Plan will be broken into a number of Training Blocks, each with a clear focus and taking into account any personal events such as holidays.   Finally there is a weekly schedule which shows how different types of sessions would be planned across the days to suit your needs.  There is then a further opportunity to discuss this and agree any revisions.

The Blocks:

  • Detailed Training Session Plans - using an online coaching tool, we will develop and upload detailed training plans which you can access from your mobile, tablet or laptop.  These will be based on the principles of your Overview plan and the priorities for the Block.  Each session will include details such as duration, intensity, skills etc.  As you complete the sessions, we will can see your performance data and your feedback, from this we will identify any immediate opportunities or issues to address.  

  • Block Reviews - at the end of each training block we will review your progress.  You have the opportunity to provide feedback, we look at your performance and identify any new factors that need to be incorporated to your plan.   You will receive a report which includes a review of the previous block and outlines the focus areas for the upcoming block.  We will discuss this with you before uploading  the detailed sessions into the online tool

  • Ad hoc support - throughout the training plan, you will be able to message us to ask questions or get advice to help keep you on track.  If you need to miss or move sessions for any reason, we will give you guidance on the best approach to keep you moving forwards.

  • Race Prep - as your race approaches, we will support you to prepare for success.  Understanding your race day strategy, organising your kit and getting your mindset right are all key to a good race. 

  • Post Race Review - once we reach the end of our coaching assignment, we will conclude with a review to reflect on what you have learned and to help you plan your next goals

What do you need to access Personal Coaching?  

  • You need access to the web - we will use an online tool to create, share and track your training sessions

  • You need a sports watch with GPS and ideally a heart rate monitor that enables your workout data to be synched with the coaching application.  Power meters and other monitors are optional.​​

  • If you want to hold review meetings in person, you need to be able to travel to the Notts/Derby area.  If you want to work remotely, you will need access to FaceTime or Skype

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