Keep moving - Sports Therapy and Massage

We offer Sports Therapy and Massage from our licensed clinic in Brinsley.  Both treatments are used not only by athletes but also to address everyday musculoskeletal pains and challenges that we can all suffer from.    

Sports therapy is used to target specific issues - it can be used to help prevent and to treat injuries, or to enhance performance.   It involves assessment, soft tissue treatment and exercise therapy and aims to alleviate pain and restore optimal function and performance.


Sports massage is a more general treatment, ideal for maintenance and recovery.  Treatments involve a variety of soft tissue techniques and are adapted to suit the clients needs.  Sports massage can be used to support a training plan, for race preparation or recovery or simply to help reduce everyday tensions and tightspots. 

To help protect everyone from the risk of coronavirus transmission, we run our clinic following the Covid guidance provided by the Sports Therapy Organisation,  the GCMT and the Government.  You can read more here about how we are working

Please note - our appointments are currently offered with a Student Therapist, Ali is qualified in Sports Massage but is currently building her case portfolio to complete her L5 Sports Therapist qualification. She has completed her practical training and has passed her written studies and exam - case studies are used to build experience and evidence of clinical practice is required to complete the course.  She is fully insured to practice and continues to receive supervision and support from her training provider.  

Got a question?  Here are some of the most commonly asked:

1) Does it hurt?

2) Is it only for sports people?

3) Whats the difference to a normal massage?


4) How many treatments will I need &/or how often?

5) What is soft tissue treatment?

6) Is it suitable for me?

Sports massage can involve firm pressure in order to get deeper into the soft tissues and have an effective impact.  This can be uncomfortable - though most people find it is a curious balance of discomfort and relief at the same time   We all have different thresholds and preferences - good communication between you and your massage therapist is important so that they can adapt and make sure that your experience is positive.

1) Does it hurt?

It is never our intention to cause pain - however our treatments are not designed purely for relaxation and we sometimes need to apply pressure to access tissues at deeper layers and to break down adhesions and scar tissue.  This can be uncomfortable but we work with you to understand what is tolerable and adapt our approach to suit.  There is no value in pushing beyond a clients limits as the body will simply resist and reject the effort.  

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