Coaching solutions for triathletes

Coaching is one of the best investments we can make as triathletes - whether we are just starting out or have been racing for years.  Triathlon is a demanding sport and working with a coach can significantly improve your chances of staying on track and achieving your goals.  If a lack of time, focus, know how or motivation is holding you back from achieving your goals, we can help. 


We offer a range of  solutions - from one off interventions to help boost your performance, to partnering you along your triathlon journey.   We want to help you achieve your goal - but through the coaching experience, we aim to help you gain skills and knowledge that you can use for future endeavours.


Personal Coaching

For triathletes who want a unique plan tailored to their goals, abilities and lifestyle with a high level of flexibility and support


Coaching Kick Start

For triathletes who need a boost to help them get started or make a step change in a specific area


Self Coached Support

For triathletes happy creating their own plan but who want feedback, support and motivation to help them adapt and stay on track

Swim Video Analysis

For triathletes who want to understand more about their stroke and how to improve technique

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