Taking care of your Machine

Having a safe, reliable and smooth running bike is critical to your success as a triathlete.  A mechanical problem can be an annoyance on a training ride - it can be a deal breaker for a race. 


Whilst not all issues are preventable, good bike maintenance reduces the risk of problems and helps to keep us, and others, safe on the road.  Plus our bikes are typically one of our biggest financial investments - it pays to look after them.  

Our bike mechanic is fully trained and has been servicing race bikes for a number of years - he is an accredited and insured IMI Cycle Mechanic.  He also has an eye for detail and a tenacity for problem fixing which comes in handy when chasing down that elusive rattle. 

We offer servicing, repairs and pre-race checks for all types of bikes - road, mountain, TT and cyclocross.  We can collect your bike and work on it at our own workshop before returning it to you.  We can also provide some services at your location, depending on whether specialist tools are needed.   

Bike Service Menu

Pre-Race check: £25

·      Safety check of bike: Wheels (Rims/Tyres), Brakes, Gears/Chain, check all cables

·      Brake Service (hydraulic brakes not included – see below)

·      Clean chain, gears, lubricate and index gears correctly 

·      Check seat post and headset, re-grease if required

·      Inflate and check tyres/tubes

·      Wash bike by hand

Standard Service: £30 plus parts

·      Safety check of bike

·      Brake Service, replacing cables if required (hydraulic brakes not included – see below)

·      Check the chain for wear, clean chain, gears, lubricate and oil if needed

·      Gear Service, index gears correctly and replacing cables if needed

·      Check seat post and headset, re-grease if required

·      Inflate and check tyres/tubes

·      Parts are extra – we will contact you prior to fitting any other parts that may be required.

Deluxe Service: £55 plus parts

·      All the above plus:

·      Lubricate all gear and brake cables, replacing brake blocks if needed

·      Wheel true and tension the spokes in both wheels

·      Grease and adjust (if required) both wheel hubs

·      Strip, grease and adjust the headset

·      Grease and adjust bottom bracket – we will contact you if replacement is needed

·      Wash bike by hand 


Other Repairs examples (price below plus parts)

·      Puncture Repair £5.00 or £10.00 with new tube

·      Replace Brake Pads - £10 - pads not included

·      Replace chain and rear cassette £12 - parts not included

·      Replace internal bottom bracket £15 - parts not included

·      Wheel Truing - from £10 per wheel

·      Wheel Building - from £20 per wheel.

·      Hydraulic Brake Bleed £20 (including fluid)

·      Chain waxing, with teflon - various

·      Adjust reprogramme Electronic Gears - various



      If you'd like a free assessment and quote, just get in touch.

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