Who we are, how we work and why we do it

Who we are

Ali Moore - Founder of Mind Body Machine

I've always had a passion for sport but I developed a pretty unhealthy lifestyle when I left University and started a corporate career.  Feeling unfit and unhappy, in 2009 I took on the challenge of a 10k - I finished near the back and it wiped me for the day.  But I really loved the idea of taking on something that I wasn't sure I could achieve.  So I went on to tackle a childhood dream of doing the London Marathon and then found myself agreeing to cycle from London to Paris.


In 2014, a friend introduced me to triathlon.  I remember being in awe of the some of the women at my local running group who were competing at the National Club Relays.  I wasn't sure I could do it but  figured I would try a pool super sprint, just to tick it off the list.  I fell in love.  Since then I've raced every format from Super Sprint to Iron distance at the Outlaw.  I'm not particularly fast but I am fiercely determined and I always give it my best effort.  


Before setting up Mind Body Machine, I had an interesting career working with leaders in a wide variety of organisations and helping them to transform themselves and their operations.  Triathlon was my hobby and helped to keep me sane when the job got stressful.  I initially chose to train as a Triathlon coach so I could support my local Club but also to improve my own knowledge of how to train effectively, 


In 2019, I decided to make a change in direction so that I could spend more time helping others to enjoy endurance sports.  I have added to my qualifications and continue to enjoy learning new skills.



  • BTF Level 2 Diploma

  • Level 3 Sports Massage

  • PG Cert - Personal & Business Coaching

  • UKA Leader in Running Fitness

  • National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches

  • Level 3 First Aid at Work 

In progress: Level 2 Strength & Conditioning, Level 5 Sports Therapy​

How we work - our ethos

I know that I get the best results when I focus on the athlete as a person rather than on the disciplines of Swim, Bike and Run.   Mind Body Machine reflects my ethos about what is needed for successful, sustainable and enjoyable training and racing:

  • Mind – the right mindset  is at the heart of endurance sport.  Without it, you will never get started, you’ll never progress and you’ll never be your best.    Understanding what motivates you, how you learn and how you respond is critical to enjoying and improving your performance.  Sport can support your mental health and your mental health can affect your sporting performance.

  • Body – whilst Mind comes first, the Body must follow.  You need to develop your physical and physiological capabilities to ensure that you are fit, healthy and strong enough to go the distance.  Making sure you prepare and take care of your body is key to long term performance.

  • Machine – having the right Machinery in place enables the Mind and Body to perform.  We don’t believe that you need to have the best kit – but you do need to know how to get the best from it.  And being organised is key to making endurance sport fit into a busy life and getting the most from precious training time

How we work - our values

We always strive to do good work and we want to do work that does some good in the world.  We aim to bring you the best of our experience, expertise and energy in helping you achieve your endurance goals.  

We believe that to be good at what we do, we need to keep learning and be open to challenging our perceptions.  There is an ocean of knowledge out there and we can never claim to know it all.  We apply sound sports science and technical knowledge to our services.  We listen to our athletes to make best use of their knowledge and experience and to ensure we create something that is right for them as an individual.  We partner with and refer to other professionals when our clients need different or more specialised experience. 

We strive to be conscious of our footprint on the world - we don't always get it right but we try.  If we can repair, reuse or recycle without compromising safety, we do.   We genuinely believe that much of the time, athletes benefit more from investing in themselves rather than new stuff.  We're not immune to the joy of new kit but we try to make conscious choices about whether we really need to buy more or whether the latest thing will really live up to its marketing hype.

Why we do it

All sports have physical and social perks.  But we think there’s something a bit special about endurance sports and the way they can benefit our mental health.


Endurance sports teach us to how dig deep and discover how far we can push ourselves.  Training requires motivation, discipline and reflection.  Racing brings an incredible sense of accomplishment as well as admiration from others.  Endurance athletes develop skills, self-knowledge and confidence that bring positive impacts into our lives beyond our sport. 

Everyone has the potential to be an endurance athlete.  We each have a personal interpretation of an endurance challenge and they can be tailored to fit our individual experience, preferences and capabilities.  The nature of the goal, the time or the distance, is a challenge relative to the individual.  But the personal journey to completing it and the sense of achievement will be much the same.


We want to inspire and support people on their personal journeys to become endurance heroes and amaze themselves by doing things they never imagined they could. 

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